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Hi! I'm a former Fortune 500 Executive helping busy Christians focus on faith and pivot to more purposeful living. Maybe you're next... 

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Because I've been there. I'm a former Fortune 500 Executive that gave up a lucrative career for this mission. For decades,
I was a wandering and stagnant Christian pressing through life with a casual and aimless approach towards maturing my faith never understanding how to build a relationship with God.

Since childhood, I've believed in Christ and spent years trying to figure out my purpose, but not always aligned with God's will. Confused about religion and biblically uneducated, I lacked spiritual growth and a grasp of God's ways. But, that all changed... 

My mission is to help busy wandering Christians get unstuck & on track...

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"Opened my eyes to who I am. The person I forgot I was for a long time. For people seeking out 24/7 Purpose to see what it's all about, I just have to say, DO IT!"

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"Teresa is a certified Strenghtsfinder Coach and John Maxwell trainer. We saw successful results utilizing 24/7 Purpose® with our addiction recovery programs. It was invaluable to us!"

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A Vision for My Future!

"Working with Teresa has motivated me to find that passion again. Her guidance and tools have driven me to reevaluate what really motivates me and I now have a refreshed vision for my future. I’m thankful for having the opportunity to be on this journey with Teresa. I have learned so much about a person I thought I knew - ME!"

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