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The mission of my second half journey officially began through a chance meeting with Dale Dawson and Melissa Yates at an Opportunity International conference. I will write about that experience in an upcoming blog. If you’re going to follow along with me on this journey, it’s important for you to know the people who inspire, encourage and enable others like me to make this choice to live on purpose. Keith and I were fortunate enough to travel with Dale to Rwanda in May 2009 and his heart for Rwanda is so big it could swallow the continent of Africa. If you enjoyed the video and would like to learn more about, please contact me. I will be posting updates on many new developments that Dale is championing in Rwanda including Muhabura University. Stay tuned, more to come on that remarkable development that will help so many impoverished, deserving people.

Rwanda has enveloped our hearts as well and as our second half mission becomes more clear it will be shared. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Meet Dale &

  1. Teresa:

    You speak the truth about Dale, who has changed my life as well. The world is a much different place because of him. And one of the reasons is because Dale shows us all that it is not impossible,… it is not even difficult,… IF we fall in behind our almighty God who provides the vision, clears the path, and provides all that is necessary.
    To that Dale enthusiastically adds with an encouraging grin: “Just do it!”


  2. Tom – you are so correct! In fact, the mission that Keith and I are about to develop seems impossible, almost ridiculous at times. But Dale, Glen, you and others make it seem not only possible but a “must do”. This is how I’m learning that it must be God’s work and not mine. Otherwise, I can just head off to my cushy office and do MY work…right?


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