Joy to the World 2009

Joy has definitely come to my world.  I reflect on  2009 and I am astonished at how God steered my year.  Never in my life did I expect to go to Africa and yet I did.  Never did I think we would be blessed by meeting so many incredible people here and in Africa and yet we did.  I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for what I’m called to do each day.  When the “joy” is embedded so deeply in the heart, the privilege is to serve.  No more “I have to” – its now “I GET to”.  What a miracle to feel the mind transform in this way and see it happening right in front of you.  The awakening to God’s plan is so richly rewarding and in ways that I could never expect.

I sit here in awe of this past year and I am humbled by the grace that He provides.  I know the coming year and my remaining years will be as richly rewarding now that I know the secret – being In His service.

I will keep this brief because that really says it all – there’s nothing more complicated to learn or to be said.

God Bless you all

1 thought on “Joy to the World 2009

  1. God blesses us over and over and he has truly blessed me.
    You are one of my meny blessings. God loves us so much.


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