Mind Your Own Business by Diane Hale

Success Principle #10…Mind Your Own Business
By Diane M. Hale
March 8, 2010

”…what is that to you? You follow Me” [John 21:22]

Jesus had a way with words—He had a way of cutting to the chase and telling it like it is, principle #10 is a fine example. Success is not dependent on what others do or don’t do! Sooner or later we all have to hear the words—mind your own business. Recently the Holy Spirit used softer but similar words to me when my thoughts began to wander down the path of worrying.

I was worrying about what others were doing or saying when He simply said–Not Your Problem. Since then if I even begin to entertain a thought about others that is none of my business, my inner voice says, NYP—it’s a great way of turning around and getting back on the peace path.

Stress is the antithesis of success and often just another word for worrying–tune your inner voice to the correct wave length, that’s the one that converts legitimate concern into the place of privileged prayer and exchanges problems [your own or others] for peace and productivity

The way of success Jesus said is this… follow Me…you’ll find that faith that is focused is filled with joy—…minding your own business is the key to having a successful business!

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1 thought on “Mind Your Own Business by Diane Hale

  1. I really liked this one.


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