White as Snow

It’s a winter wonderland in Georgia today.  It was so exciting waking up to such splendid beauty of the pure white snow and the contrast that it creates when clinging to the world around us.  It made me wonder; can I develop a pure heart like the snow that would create a similiar contrast by clinging to the darkness that creeps inside the heart from time to time?  It’s certainly worth the effort. 

Matthew 5:8
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

I’m grateful for the snow today and the beauty that it creates for us when it falls on our world.  It reminded me about this journey of faith and what that truly means.  Everyday we awake to a day full of opportunities to live outside of ourselves and make decisions in the best interest of those around us.  I believe that these opportunities (chances if you will) are the ingredients to create a pure heart – white as snow.

1 thought on “White as Snow

  1. So good to be reading your words again. Missed your November entry, both very good. I love reading your words and love you even more.


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