Fallen Twigs to Righteous Branches

April 15, 2017 — 1 Comment

During this holy weekend, as we celebrate Easter, I wanted to share something special in honor of Jesus.  Something that would glorify Him with real pizzazz, you know?  I tried to think of something really profound or inspirational. I walked around the house anxiously asking the Holy Spirit, “what should I write about?”  I made my way outside only to discover one of the most beautiful days of the spring and there it was.  The exact message that the Lord intended for me to share. As I looked down at the sidewalk, I found the most insignificant existence of nature conveniently positioned in the form of a cross made from two fallen twigs.

In His typically humble fashion, He reminded me of these three key points to share:

  1. God is everywhere.He is in everything we see, touch, smell, and experience.  He is the almighty creator of the universe, and we are vessels made in His image. Just like the two sticks, separated from their source of life, they are meaningless twigs fallen from the branch of a tree. The wooden twigs representing the cross is a subtle reminder of the vine, our source of eternal life. (John 15:1-8).
  2. God is humble. The significance of two small twigs, not even sticks, that I discovered reminded me of the immense value that God places on humbleness.Jesus rode on a donkey on His way to Calvary.  He did not ride on a magnificent beast like a bodacious white horse or beautiful black stallion.  Instead, God chose a quiet, slow-paced, docile animal.  As the donkey carried the King of Kings on his back with his head hung low, he revealed to us the importance of submission.  A non-threatening grace vs. weakness.  I love that about our Lord and Savior, Jesus!
  3. God is good and faithful. Just as I ask, He provides, and just as I seek, He is there.Two fallen twigs conveniently shaped in the form of a cross might seem too common and so easily explained.  But, does it matter? The point is that we become so aware of His presence that we find Him in the most simplistic to the most complicated.  We rely on Him for our giggles and our bellowing screams. Nothing is too big or too small for God to deliver His good and faithful love.

And so I continue on in celebrating the miracle event that saved the world. I thank God for reminding me once again that the greatest gifts are delivered through the purest simplicity of His enduring grace and love.






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    What an awesome God we have


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