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Our clients span from start-up to Fortune 500 and everything in-between.  Our diverse client mix reflects our ability to customize leadership development programs and strengths coaching needs for any size or level.  We understand that there are individual, team, and cultural requirements that demand a tailored approach.  Our clients confirm that our background in the business, executive experience, and rock solid methodologies set us apart from the rest.  We select service-driven companies who desire outstanding customer and employee experiences. If that describes your company or mindset, we want to get to know you better and determine if we are fit to help you STANDOUT and make a difference.

A Few of Our Leadership Training Clients
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Asbury Automotive Client Serve Lead SucceedAsbury Automotive Group, Inc. is a  multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 Company with over 7,500 employees.  The 5th largest automotive retailer in the US with over 85 auto dealerships. Asbury is located in Duluth, Georgia.

The Needs:  Strengthen and grow the leadership skill level among the shared services team.  Increase team engagement and improve efficiencies.  Increase customer service and communications with other lines of business  Train champions to lead a culture of personal and team accountability to ensure long-term sustainability.

The Solutions: a multi-year leadership development program that includes: leadership training workshops, strengthsfinder assessments and team building, employee engagement training, executive strengths coaching, 360 leader assessments, personal accountability training, and culture champion development.

The Outcome: in progress.  The participants have used phrases like; “life-changing”, “paradigm shift” and others to describe their experience so far with our leadership training program.  They share that they love how our solutions focus specifically on them and their strengths offering practical applications to apply what they learn from the workshops immediately.  Team engagement has improved and efficiencies are measured to ensure positive outcomes.  Every program is bench-marked at the beginning to compare the future state at each milestone throughout the program.

A Few Testimonials:
“The workshop was amazing!  Best workshop I’ve ever attended. Fun as always! You are the best!” – Ashley Lounder
You are the bomb, Teresa. Looking forward to the next round.– Kathy Gore
“Your classes are so insightful, I love them! Looking forward to the next one!
Susana Neris Rivera
“Awesome as always Teresa, you are the best! Can’t wait for next quarter!” – Gretchen Pino Gosma
“Very informative. I’ve been to many training’s and this one was fabulous. I took so much away from it.” – Carla Cooper

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Southwire Company is a global multi-billion dollar privately held corporation and a leader in wire and cable manufacturing. Located in Carrollton, Georgia.

The Needs: 
Executive coaching and leadership development with the IT group.  Increase team agility, leader capacity, and overall team culture.  Increase customer service and soft skill communications with other lines of business.  Provide career and leadership development from a former CIO perspective.

The Solutions: an annual leadership development program that includes: one-on-one coaching sessions, leadership training workshops, personal accountability training, 360 leader assessments, employee engagement training, soft skills communications training and meeting shadowing.

The Outcome: in progress.  We bench-marked leadership levels with 360 leader assessments and set team goals to achieve.  Leadership growth progress is excellent and overall team engagement is increasing ahead of schedule.

A Few Testimonials:
“Many times leadership development programs start with a yawn and end with a whimper.  Teresa with Serve Lead Succeed has cut through the boredom and made my personal development something tangible which creates excitement.  She brought clarity to the discussion and pushed me in new directions.  Those aspects of the program are invaluable to me.  I am truly thankful for the work she has done with me and the rest of our IT leadership team.” – Chris Easterwood, VP, Integration Projects

“I’ve been working professionally for 30 years and had reached a point in my career that I had “checked out” emotionally.  Working with Teresa has motivated me to find that passion again.  Her guidance and tools have driven me to reevaluate what really motivates me and I now have a refreshed vision for my future.  I’m thankful for having the opportunity to be on this journey with Teresa.  I have learned so much about a person I thought I knew—ME!”
– Cynthia Shontz, Sr. Director, Global Master Data & Governance

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Good Landing Recovery logo client of serve lead succeedGood Landing Recovery is a start-up business offering in-patient and out-patient programs for men struggling with substance abuse and addiction.

The Needs: Executive coaching and business advisor to the CEO.  Leadership growth, vision and goals development, team building and corporate communications.

The Solutions: One-on-one leadership and business coaching sessions and corporate communications plan development.

The Outcome: Hear what Trey Lewis says about working with Teresa Devine, Serve Lead Succeed.

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Chris 180 is a non-profit organization offering award-winning leadership and programs transforming more than 60,000 lives. A true pioneer among mental health, child advocacy, and family welfare providers.  Located in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Need: Technology advisory for their current IT infrastructure, IT support model, and team structure.  Determine if the current vendor was the best option for their current and future state needs.

The Solution: Provided interim CIO services to help assess and develop the best IT strategy to align with the needs of Chris 180 for both current state and future growth state.  Facilitated a formal RFP process for IT support managed services, advised on vendor selection, contract review, and assessed best in breed technology solutions to support business needs and budgetary goals.

The Outcome: Chris 180 made a selection based on the evaluation and gained a level of confidence and peace of mind regarding their strategy and direction going forward.  The IT mystery became clear and they could move forward with an informed and vetted decision.  We increased their vendor SLA’s and improved support coverage overall.  Plans to cut costs, increase up-time, and reduce future equipment costs were part of the final recommendation.

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Bridge2Rwanda is a 501c3 non-profit with offices based in Little Rock, Arkansas and Kigali, Rwanda.  A pioneer in advancing education in Rwanda through their college scholarship program.  They identify, equip, and enable jobs for Rwandans.

The Need: Train the scholars in Rwanda on their strengths and how to become servant leaders as they prepare to study abroad at major US colleges and universities.

The Solution: During travels in Kigali, Rwanda, trained 25 scholars in the Bridge2Rwanda program on servant leadership and how to leverage their natural strengths and talents using the Gallup Strengthsfinder assessment.

The Outcome: The students of the scholars program were some of the best participants that I’ve had the pleasure to train. They were eager to learn and very receptive to the Strengths and servant leadership philosophies.  It is evident by their accomplishments in the USA and Rwanda that many have embraced servant leadership by starting their own charities and numerous ways of serving others.  I am confident that each scholar is leveraging each strength and all of the valuable educations that they received from Bridge2Rwanda’s scholars program.

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