Meet Teresa Devine


CEO of Serve Lead Succeed, Teresa is a 18-year technology leader serving as CIO for a Fortune 500 company and IT leader for well respected brands. Teresa has the insider knowledge and experience that 99.9% of leadership trainers out there cannot bring to the table. Teresa gets results because she’s been in your shoes. With a proven track record leading complex IT transformations, Teresa is a certified Gallup Strengths coach and leadership trainer equipping hundreds of growing leaders as far as Rwanda, Africa. Her approach is all about driving service inside and outside of the organization using individual and team strengths to accomplish the remarkable while having fun!

Real-world Executive Leadership Experience

Understands the needs of executives and cross functional teams to win at business. Knows what it takes to grow as a leader and climb the ladder towards the C-suite.

Why Us?

We understand that you have high standards when it comes to leadership development programs and leadership trainers are flooding the market. It’s confusing and time-consuming to sort out who to trust with your leaders’ growth strategy.

Aligns World-Class Teachings

Real-world experience combined with world-class teachings and tools by John Maxwell, Gallup Strengthsfinder, and more. Not encumbered with only ONE tool or program. Matches companies with the most impactful education and customized program.

High Touch Service

We are selective. We only work with companies who are committed to a service-driven approach to leadership, teams, and cultures. We work with companies who are looking for long-term and measurable people success with a bottom line impact.

High-value ROI

We understand your budget and resource time constraints and that it’s difficult to inject leadership training. We solved that problem with flexible onsite, remote and customized programs to suit all needs.

Connecting Business Units

We provide specialized communications and soft-skills training from a CIO perspective bridging the gap between business units and IT. An accomplished IT turnaround leader who’s transitioned teams from being unpopular to creating raving fans!

“Our world is a better place with leaders driven to serve others with humility and integrity to reach ultimate success. Real success is achieved by pursuing a bigger purpose – far greater than any one individual.”
– Teresa Devine