24/7 Purpose Coaching Program

Gain clarity, focus, & action plan to be fully charged & aligned with God's purpose for your life.
Lots of good Christians feel stuck in a rut and looking for guidance from someone that's walked in their shoes and understands. 

With Teresa, there's never any judgment or condemnation about your journey and where you are. She's dealt with the demands of life, failing to make God her #1 priority in the past. 

Thankfully, the Lord showed her how to get closer to Him and inspired the active and fully charged Christian she is today.

If you're ready to level-up, like David, apply to Teresa's coaching program. 
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Teresa Devine is a believer in Christ since childhood. However, she spent decades as a wandering Christian. A believer that is saved but not fully invested in knowing God and living according to His ways. Like many, she focused on the American dream more than maturing her faith. 

Teresa led an exciting career as a technology executive for 20 years until leaving the career path in pursuit of God's purpose for her life.  She spent 40 days in Rwanda where God exposed her misguided journey and how to put Him first in all areas of life. Today, she wants to help wandering Christians establish a plan to become fully alive and closer with God as active disciples of Jesus.

Certifications include: Gallup Strengths Coach, Marriage Today Ministry Coach, Emotional Intelligence, School of Discipleship Graduate & teacher, John Maxwell Team
Phase #1: Discover God's purpose & how you're wired
Define your passions
Identify your spiritual gifts
Unlock talents & strengths
Phase #2: Equipped & aligned with God's plan
Gain clarity & confidence 
Overcome mindset limitations
Leverage your gifts & strengths
Phase #3: Custom plan to activate spiritual growth
Executable roadmap 
Direction aligned with goals
Live with intentionality & focus

What's Included in the Program?

  • One-on-One Coaching: 7 private sessions with Teresa Devine.
  • Spiritual Gifts Assessment: Discover your God-given spiritual gifts & how to apply them.
  • Strengths Assessment: Gallup strengthsfinder is a world-class algorithm to unlock natural talent.
  • Eliminate Mindset Barriers: Teresa's proprietary Mind Trap Method™ helps wipe out mind traps.
  • Christian Maturity Assessment: Define where you are today and where you want to go.
  • Passion Exploration: Ignite or re-ignite your passions and purpose with serving the Lord.
  • Goal Setting: Learn how to set SMART goals to ensure continuous spiritual growth.
  • Time Management Skills: find hidden time in your day to focus more time with the Lord. 
  • ​Video Trainings: Learn God's purpose and how align with Him.
  • ​Access to Resources: Recommended Bible studies, discipleship training, mobile apps, books, and more!
Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4

What People Are Saying...
"...life changing experience!"
"Teresa and 24/7 Purpose have been the most significant life changing experience I’ve had; next to my coming to Christ. Through this course I have grown as a man & a Christian."
David - Lawrenceville, GA
"...most impactful strategic plan..."
"24/7 purpose; the most impactful, simply strategic plan of opening my mind to the wonderful world of abiding in God’s will."
Cindy - Dallas, TX
"...the assessments opened my eyes!"
"The assessments really opened my eyes. Teresa is a great woman led by the Holy Spirit. She is passionate about her work and I think anyone would benefit from her teachings and programs."
Thane - Dacula, GA
"...an inspiration & strength for me."
"Teresa has a very intellectual, professional and spiritual way of living and teaching. She has been both an inspiration and a strength for me."
Rachel - Lawrenceville, GA
"...doing the course, it really works!"
"Coming into the program I was on the fence. But throughout the time doing the course, it really works. It has made an impact on my life and made me open my eye's to God and that He has me.
Mason - Dacula, GA
"...loved the  authenticity."
"Loved the diversity and authenticity from the training and learning various ways to read the Bible. Felt like home away from home."
Kelsey - Atlanta, GA


  • Who will be my coach? All coaching sessions are held directly with Teresa Devine over video conferencing sessions.
  • ​How long is each coaching session? 60 minutes.
  • How many sessions come with the program? Typically 7. Customizations can be accommodated based on circumstances.
  • ​Is there a fee for the coaching program? Yes. Teresa will review the cost details with approved applicants.
  • ​How long has Teresa been coaching people? Teresa has coached hundreds of individuals and teams throughout her career. She was certified in 2014 and started Christian based coaching in 2016. ​
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