Are you a Christian who is...
Seeking. What is God's true purpose for my life?
What if you could?
 Know & align with God's purpose
 Gain clarity & confidence
 Unlock your strengths & gifts
Too busy. My life is crazy. I don't have enough time. 
What if you could?
 Realign life's priorities
 Learn to maximize your time
 Free up more time for God
Confused. Where do I start or how do I grow spiritually?
What if you could?
 Gain resources & tools for growth
 Increase your passion & energy
 Design a spiritual growth plan
What's my story?
I spent decades as a wandering and stagnant Christian. Pressing through life with a casual and aimless approach towards maturing in my faith.

A Believer since childhood, searching for “my purpose”, but not always aligned with God’s will and His ways. Confused about religion and biblically uneducated without discipleship mentoring, I desperately needed spiritual direction.

Like many, I was not casual about pursuing the American dream achieving career success in the C-Suite at the Fortune 500 Company level.

At the height of my career, life’s priorities were upside down. I needed a change. The satisfaction from achievement, money, and a better lifestyle filled a void, but it didn’t never does.

After giving up my corporate position, God revealed the need to put Him first and how to do it. I spent every morning on my prayer porch connecting with God in a new way and the journey continues.

A few years later, the 24/7 Purpose® ministry birthed. Still, I floundered a few more years toggling between my tech career and making the ultimate commitment to God's calling. I know the struggle, so I get it.

The good news is I know my purpose and my priorities are right side up. 

Today, I’m on a mission to help new Christians launch and stagnant Christians reboot to live as the disciples God designed us to become. I invite you to join in!
Our Ultimate Purpose According to Jesus
"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these."
Mark 12:30-31

24/7 Purpose® Disciple Program

Regardless of our stage in the journey, God meets us right where we are. Learn to build or grow a relationship with Jesus and live fully alive with purpose in all areas of life, every day!

   How It Works

24/7 Purpose®
God first everywhere, everyone, every time 

The Process:

  • Discovery Phase: Reveal God's design. Discover passions, gifts, talents, & strengths.
  • Equipping Phase: Gain clarity, overcome obstacles. Learn to apply strengths & gifts.
  • Action Phase: Design and execute your customized spiritual growth plan. 

Together, we will focus on:

  • Heart: Identify & increase passions.
  • Soul: Align with God's will & purpose.
  • Mind: Overcome false limiting beliefs.
  • Strength: Utilize God-given strengths & gifts.
  • Loving Others: Understand Christ-like character and how to love others through God's power.
What People Are Saying...
" changing experience!"
"Teresa and 24/7 Purpose have been the most significant life changing experience I’ve had; next to my coming to Christ. Through this course I have grown as a man & a Christian."
David - Lawrenceville, GA
"...invaluable to us at Good Landing."
"24/7 purpose helps our addiction recovery clients gain a vision for their future giving them a much greater success rate with overcoming their  struggles."
Trey Lewis - Dacula, GA
"...the assessments opened my eyes!"
"The assessments really opened my eyes. Teresa is a great woman led by the Holy Spirit. She is passionate about her work and I think anyone would benefit from her teachings and programs."
Thane - Dacula, GA
" inspiration & strength for me."
"Teresa has a very intellectual, professional and spiritual way of living and teaching. She has been both an inspiration and a strength for me."
Rachel - Lawrenceville, GA
"...doing the course, it really works!"
"Coming into the program I was on the fence. But throughout the time doing the course, it really works. It has made an impact on my life and made me open my eye's to God and that He has me.
Mason - Dacula, GA
"...loved the  authenticity."
"Loved the diversity and authenticity from the training and learning various ways to read the Bible. Felt like home away from home."
Kelsey - Atlanta, GA

Certified in Business & Christian-based Training

 "My field, where I’m called to serve, is below my feet and I walk in His Grace serving my little space answering His call hour by hour, person by person, task by task in divine service. Tomorrow might bring a new mission but tomorrow may never come, so I prepare thoughtfully for tomorrow while fulfilling each opportunity of the day to bring Him glory." - Teresa Devine

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