SERVE. LEAD. SUCCEED Announces Leadership Academy Launch

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When people speak up, we listen! During a recent customer survey, we learned that 98% of those we polled, wanted to become part of a master group class to acquire personal and leadership growth. Shocked by the overwhelming response, we immediately began working on multiple options to fill this need. Even more surprising was that many of the people we polled had existing leadership development programs available through their employer. We started to explore what was missing.

Today, we are delighted to announce the launch of SERVE. LEAD. SUCCEED Leadership Academy. Our training school empowers our students with convenient online access while meeting as a group to learn from each other in real-time. For those looking for MORE than a fat paycheck and prestige, our classes cater to you. We teach proven servant leadership principles and the practical application of leading with a service-focused mindset. We equip our students with passion and purpose for rewarding work lives.

We offer two world-class courses for serious folks who want to excel at work and gain fulfillment.

Our unique and rare leadership training programs combine the instruction from an experienced Fortune 500 C-level executive with Strengthsfinder 2.0 intelligence and the renowned leadership teachings by John C. Maxwell.  Unfortunately, 99% of leadership trainers, coaches and facilitators cannot share real-world knowledge of leading at the C-level and the journey getting there.

We uncovered what was missing and we encourage you and your teams to connect with us so we can learn more about your management development needs. We customize our programs to fit a variety of corporate goals.

Open enrollment starts today! To learn more, please visit our Leadershp Academy or visit our website at




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