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Join the leadership movement and train your workforce to lead like heroes.  Inspired by a true story about ten American World War II air force heroes, we studied their story and incorporated the same leadership qualities that true heroes and true leaders live by.  Most of us will not be flying fighter jets in our careers but we can learn and live the same leadership qualities.  We are committed to a leadership movement that produces strengths-based servant leaders.  This program delivers a serious competitive advantage.

If your company is not fully committed to outstanding customer service and incredible employee experiences, this program is probably not a fit.  We work with companies and individual leaders who want more than position, prestige and fat paychecks.  Our leaders can have all of that but none of them drive their motivation.  Our clients want more out of work and life.  They tell us that they want meaning in their work and they want to make a positive impact on others.  They want to be part of solutions vs. problems.  If this sounds like you or your company values, let’s talk!

What does it mean to Lead like Heroes?  Strengths-Based Servant Leadership!

Strengths-based servant leadership is the answer to the wide gap in leadership skills and expertise.

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Lead Like Heroes is a proprietary and trademarked program of Serve Lead Succeed, LLC

We train and equip leaders, teams, and the entire workforce to become humble and extraordinary while reacting well and taking personal ownership of their work.  How do we do this so effectively?  We have spent the last eleven years acquiring and developing these traits among ourselves and on the inside of companies as top leaders.  Working with individual leaders and teams, we understand the art and science behind high-performing achievers.  The 4 values of a HERO mindset are proven and necessary leadership qualities among every great leader.  Let’s break it all down…


Humbleness is the cornerstone of the greatest leaders. “Humbleness is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself, LESS.”  Our leadership training programs begin with a strengths assessment to determine the dominant leadership style of each leader or team member.  We inspire and equip strengths-based servant leadership that fosters a service minded culture of HEROES that know how to embrace one another’s diversity of strengths, talents, and individual view points.


By definition to be hero one has to be extraordinary.  Mediocrity is counter to the mindset of a hero.  We train leaders who want to lead like heroes that to be extraordinary, we take our ordinary and put a whole lot of extra on top.  The mindset will shift once a leader decides that serving others is their main motivator and the desire to give above and beyond what is required is how we become extraordinary.  Yes, we can teach this!


The power of our reaction either helps or hurts.  It’s a choice.  Charles Swindoll said, “Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% of how we react to it.”  Unfortunately, if we haven’t invested in maturing our emotional well being, our emotional intelligence, it is very difficult to react well when the pressure pours on.  Through our emotional intelligence assessments, we can identify how leaders react today and how to help them increase the maturity level of controlling emotions while increasing integrity.


The “O” might be last but the reality is that our training (nor any other) will not work without personal accountability from the leader or team member that we engage.  Taking ownership for our part in the company and understanding how to establish an “all-in” team approach towards team accountability is the differentiator for truly GREAT companies.  It is the number one competitive advantage.  The difference maker is your workforce and how they engage customers and engage with team members.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look at this article on Chick-fil-a’s success and how they sell four times more than their main competitor KFC restaurants with a much smaller store footprint AND closed on Sunday. http://www.businessinsider.com/why-chick-fil-a-is-so-successful-2017-8

How Do You Implement “Lead Like Heroes” in Your Company?

Lead Like Heroes is an annual leadership training program that is tailored to your needs including all four values as quarterly modules.  We assess, train, equip, and coach each team member with best-in-class strengths-based methodologies.  We also equip selected HERO champions within the company to carry on the HERO culture long after we are gone!  Let’s talk about your goals and needs!

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Let’s talk about your company leadership training needs and determine if Lead like Heroes is a good fit for you. Book a FREE consultation with Teresa Devine and let’s get started!

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