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Strengths coaching is the positive and most effective approach towards overall performance improvement.  Studies prove that focusing more on strengths vs. weaknesses accelerates personal growth.  Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment unlocks the mystery of individual strengths and strengths coaching equips leaders with knowledge to succeed at work and in life.  Strengths coaching with teams is the ultimate workforce diversity solution for team building and employee engagement.  Studies show a 26%-72% reduction in turnover.

Strengths Coaching Gets Results

Statistics for individuals and teams that leverage StrengthsFinder assessments and certified Strengths coaching services:


StrengthsFinder assessments and Strengths-based leadership coaching is the cornerstone of our leadership development and personal growth programs.  Only certified and proven Strengths coaching can deliver the successful results that we see from each client.  Employees LOVE the investment and the knowledge of knowing more about who they are and how they can leverage their unique strengths.  Taking the StrengthsFinder assessment is the first step but falls flat if Strengths Coaching is not applied to equip, encourage and train the value and insights necessary for permanent progress.

Strengths Coaching Explained

Clifton StrengthsFinder identifies what we naturally do best. It provides customized results that unlock individual and team talents. It shows us how we’re diverse and how to succeed by turning our talents into strengths. Watch this brief video…

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Certified Gallup Strengths Coach – Teresa Devine

serve-lead-succeed-teresa-devineTeresa Devine, CEO of Serve Lead Succeed is a certified Gallup Strengths Coach since 2014.  Ms. Devine has been using Strengths to enable personal growth and leadership development since 2009.

“Taking the Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment changed my life in a positive way.  Receiving my report, I could see my unique design and it validated certain personality traits that drive my behavior.  In 2011, I led a team building and employee engagement initiative using Gallup StrengthsFinder assessments with the IT department and it broke down personality differences improving team performance, camaraderie and loyalty. Understanding the diversity of our strengths empowered us with knowledge to leverage each others strengths which brought us closer together as a business unit.”

Since her time on the inside as a C-level Executive, Teresa continues to foster her strengths daily for peak performance while working with companies who want the same results for their leaders and all employees.

“It’s become a life-long passion and relentless pursuit to share the power that Strengths bring to individuals, teams, and companies. I know that if we understand the power within our strengths life will be so much more rewarding.”

Teresa knows first-hand how to identify and coach people and teams to live within their Strengths-zone.  “It’s where we operate to gain more focus, energy, joy, and performance doing the things that we love to feed our strengths.”

Contact us today to learn more about Strengths Coaching and how you can live from your Strengths-zone!

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