A Walk in Your Garden

Spiritual Growth • July 10, 2016

All You Need to Know About God's GardenAs I walk in your garden, I’m greeted by the awesome beauty of the surroundings.  The wind is like a gentle ocean breeze without the sound of seagulls and breathes fresh air into my spirit. Air so sweet it lifts me up with your overwhelming power adding a gentle touch of humbleness.  I stretch my arms back as I stand upon lush green grass below my feet as the linen caresses my body.  The linen cleanses my hands, and my hair blows around my face to protect my skin. You thought of it all leaving not a single detail out of this sacred garden.  Cedar trees line the walkways regal and mighty offering the sweet aroma of righteousness.  I marvel at their majestic strength knowing that they thrive on the mountaintops offering protection from the storms and a deeply rooted foundation that will not falter.  As I slowly stride along the meandering path I’m reminded by the greenery of the everlasting life regardless of the season or change in weather. Appearing before me are magnificent palm trees high above the cedars and stretching upright into the Heavens. Their trunks are reverent and straight with shallow roots relying as little as possible on the earth and more on eternal growth.  To my right I see a dove sitting quietly on the edge of a chiseled wooden birdbath. The dove begins to woo me over, intrigued, I approach the bird and reach out and offer my hand.  The dove rests on my shoulder as I continue walking along the narrow path and we approach a glorious rose garden.  Every color imaginable glows among the cloudless sky, and I lean over to pick a brilliant scarlet rose. One of the many thorns pricks my finger, and as I look to the dove, the thorns fall effortlessly from the long stem and my finger stops bleeding without a trace of wound nor scar. Walking ahead and to my left, I enter an orchard full of ripe and luscious fruits I could only admire. The fruits from so many seeds that must have been planted here to produce such a grandiose harvest. It left me satisfied and not hungry so picking the fruit was not even a thought.  I stroll along and find myself in the middle of a wheat field, and it warms my soul as I think of fresh manna that will come from this.  Taking my time gazing through the manna field I discover a lake so crystal clear I can see fish of all sizes and shapes swimming in the deep waters.  I lean over so gently and peer into my reflection looking for the fish who are eager to swim to the top.  The fish who are hungry for the manna like me.  Delighted to find a net close by, I pick up the wide net and cast it out across the lake hoping to catch a few fish.  I’m elated by the results of the first caste as I pull out of the deep water thousands of fish.  As I’m dancing along the lake shore celebrating the catch, I’m startled by a few men who approach me out of the blue, and I greet them. They ask me, “what are you doing in the garden?” and I tell them about my walk along the narrow path to get to this point of catching a thousand fish.  They are so intrigued and inspired by my walk in the garden that they ask to walk with me. Overjoyed by their request and the welcoming of good company, I forget to ask who sent them to the garden. But as I turned around to join them, I see their doves rested on their shoulders, and I wondered no more.

Psalm 92:12, Mark 1:17

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