Author DiAnn Mills on Keeping God First in Writing & Busy Life

Spiritual Growth • May 6, 2024

I had the privilege of sitting down to chat with best-selling author DiAnn Mills, whose captivating novels blend thrilling suspense, clean romance, and Christian faith. With 93 published books and two Christie awards, DiAnn shares insights into her writing, mentoring aspiring authors, and how she keeps God first in her life.

Secrets to Keeping God first with Author DiAnn Mills on
DiAnn Mills on 24/7 Purpose podcast
DiAnn Mills on 24/7 Purpose podcast

DiAnn on Mentoring Aspiring Writers

DiAnn stresses the significance of knowledge sharing and supporting other writers, underscoring the duty of experienced authors to mentor upcoming storytellers. I am blessed and honored to be one of DiAnn’s protégé’s. After praying to God for the best editor and mentor, He delivered by connecting me with DiAnn. Watch or listen to hear the entire story. Thanks to her, I became a better writer and didn’t give up.

Learn How She Roasts Coffee at Home

Beyond her literary achievements, DiAnn’s passion for coffee and desire to roast her own beans offers a delightful glimpse into her daily life. She reveals being banished to the garage by her husband for roasting coffee in their home, showcasing her down-to-earth personality and humor. DiAnn’s commitment to meshing faith with everyday actions is inspiring, reflecting her belief in the transformative power of God’s presence.

DiAnn on Spiritual Growth

We examine the role of prayer in DiAnn’s story, from seeking guidance in her work to trusting God’s timing in finding the ideal husband. DiAnn’s story showcases the beauty of divine intervention and the significance of unwavering faith in times of uncertainty.

Her approach to starting each day with prayer and scripture aligned with physical exercise underscores the power of connecting our body, mind, and soul in daily routines.

As we explore themes of faith and resilience, DiAnn offers practical advice for navigating life’s challenges while staying secure in God’s love.

DiAnn Mills Discusses Next Book Release Lethal Standoff

DiAnn’s latest novel, Lethal Standoff, presents a riveting story that tackles complex issues with both depth and sensitivity. Set in Texas, the story revolves around a female hostage negotiator, hired to handle a high-stakes crisis involving 15 undocumented immigrants held hostage by two men. What sets this story apart is the nuanced portrayal of characters, including the protagonist’s Jewish counterpart, a Messianic Jew navigating his faith despite family disapproval.

Through skillful storytelling, DiAnn probes the mixed perspectives surrounding the undocumented immigration debate. Lethal Standoff promises to captivate readers with its gripping plot and thought-provoking exploration of a high-profile contemporary issue.

In Conclusion

DiAnn’s words echo a resounding call to keep God first and embrace each day as an opportunity to glorify Him through our actions and interactions. Her unshakable faith and dedication to serving others provides a beacon of inspiration for readers and writers alike, reminding us of the transformative power of God’s love in our lives.

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