How to Overcome Perfectionism with Laureen Alexa

Spiritual Growth • June 25, 2024

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Key Takeaways

In this episode, Teresa welcomes Laureen Alexa, a published author, public speaker, and the founder of Strength and Glory. Laureen shares her journey of overcoming significant challenges, such as childhood trauma, depression, and grief, by deepening her relationship with God. She discusses the importance of intimacy with God, the dangers of perfectionism, and the need for community and accountability in spiritual growth. Laureen also talks about her ministry, Strength and Glory, which aims to support women holistically—mind, body, and spirit—by connecting them with essential resources.

Laureen Shares How to Overcome Perfectionism

Laureen opens up about her struggle with perfectionism, which she adopted as a way to cope with her past trauma. Growing up in a Christian home, Laureen turned to God during difficult times but often felt the need to strive for perfection to earn His love. This mindset hindered her from fully depending on God and accepting His grace.

Through prayer, repentance, and surrender, Laureen learned to release her perfectionist tendencies and embrace her identity as a cherished daughter of God. She explains how perfectionism distorts the concept of excellence that God desires for us, leading to ego and self-reliance, which ultimately creates a barrier between us and God. By breaking free from perfectionism, Laureen found liberation in allowing God’s grace to work through her imperfections.

Laureen also discusses the importance of recognizing when certain people are not meant to walk with us through particular seasons of life. She shares her own experiences of feeling abandoned during her hardest times and how she learned to trust that God would provide the right people at the right moments.

Conclusion of How to Overcome Perfectionism

Laureen’s journey is a powerful example of how God’s love and grace can transform lives. Her transition from striving for perfection to embracing her true identity in Christ provides valuable insights for those facing similar struggles. She encourages listeners to build a deep, intimate relationship with God, seek out community and accountability, and stay humble and open to His guidance.

Laureen’s ministry, Strength and Glory, reflects her dedication to supporting women in their holistic well-being, offering resources and connections to help them flourish physically, mentally, and spiritually. Her book, “Festival in the Desert,” along with her active presence on Instagram, offers further inspiration for those seeking to deepen their faith and overcome personal challenges.

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