Beautiful Savior, Our Prayer

Spiritual Growth • February 5, 2019

Beautiful Savior how we long for your ways of righteousness. Flowing is the current that leads us to deeper water. Let us rest in the solitude of salvation and hear our cries.

Oh Lord, we must not worry about tomorrow and seek forgiveness when we stumble. Satisfy our hearts today, oh Lord, with your songs of joy and thanksgiving.

Shower peace upon us as we torment over mindless worries of troubles that don’t exist. When we carry on this nature of madness we tear down your cross of glory.

Give us the treasures that you planned for us. Grant us your ways, oh Lord, for us to vacate the emptiness created by our hidden motives.

Our ways are wicked in your eyes until you cleanse us, Lord. Be forthcoming with your hands of mercy. Reach us with your understanding grace. Lift us, oh Lord, to your place of reckoning and coddle us with your goodness.

Beautiful Savior, we don’t deserve you but you love us through your Godliness regardless of our flaws. We are stained in the holy stripes of sacrifice and salvation.

Prepare our hearts for a new day of tranquility and calm waters for those suffering in sadness. Bless the peacekeepers who strive for correctness and justice in our land. Offer your guidance to those who pray for counsel and equip the hearts of men/women who carry your name to destinations unknown.

Sanctify our souls from the filth of sin and shame. Inspire us to a deeper level of surrender and humbleness. Our hearts sing of joy and transformation today simply because you are our beautiful Savior.

– Amen


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