Birds of a feather…well, you know the rest

Spiritual Growth • April 27, 2010

I shared a lovely weekend with my husband and also with some wonderful friends on Sunday. It is amazing how much the “Birds of a feather, flock together” phrase is really true. Not that this is any revelation at forty (cough)..well let’s just leave it at forty-something. However; as the mind and heart grows in spirit and strength, so do the people around us. Just one more blessing that God reveals as we come to know Him deeper. I bring this up because I was not quite prepared for this precious gift and I am constantly in awe of this. I didn’t have an expectation about that part of the faith journey so needless to say, I have been overwhelmed and delighted (sometimes down right giddy) by this recurring gift of sending one amazing believer after another to share their story, advice and their love. How liberating it is to openly share God’s glory and our life’s circumstances in such humble ways at the same time. People who are are not afraid to bare their pain and share how they were able to overcome that pain or crisis through Christ. Testimonies become common conversations and it’s such a privilege to hear how He works through each of us.

One day I hope that I can express my sincere gratitude to each one of these beautiful “birds” that have swooped into my life and sang the sweetest songs into my heart leaving a permanent imprint. The flock gets broader, deeper and stronger as I progress on the journey. Just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge this unexpected, yet oh so sweet gift. Whoever is flying my way next, I say “welcome – come fly with me!”

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