Capture the Light

Spiritual Growth • September 6, 2016

Be brave and capture the Light, the Light of Christ.  He hears our sorrow and our pain and lifts us high above the seas.  He carries our imaginary moments that are not real and shatters them across the waters.  He releases the pain to a place of surrender, solitude, and everlasting joy. Do not fear the satisfaction that awaits and be strong in the Lord, the Lord of hope and joy.

“I’ve suffered many great tragedies in my life. Most of them never happened. – Mark Twain (1835-1910).  This quote is one of my favorites because it so clearly articulates the “mind drama” that we’ve all experienced at times.  If only we had the wasted and serious time back to replace a fearful mind with the hope that comes from the Light of Christ.  Since we can’t go back, let us adopt and adapt to a Christ-like way of thinking and allow Him to shatter those worries, concerns, and fears that in most cases, never happen.

“An idle mind is the devils playground.”  Another great quote and I’m not sure who to credit for the authorship.  Filling empty or worrisome minds with the Words from the Gospels brings in the Light that casts out the darkness of fear which ignites the worry.  The Light brings renewed hope, faith, courage and action to cut through the chains of fear.  The promises of Jesus are real if we apply His teachings.

I remember a time long ago when my mind was full of worry and depressing thoughts which created dramatic stories about what was going to happen to me.  I played out these stories over and over in my mind rehearsing different outcomes.  I call this “mind drama” a powerful weapon that is used to keep us apart from our beloved God who wants to fill our hearts and minds with love.  Capturing the Light will release the healing love of God and bring Jesus in to wipe out the darkness.  Just like a mustard seed of faith, it only takes a pen light to bring enough light into a dark room to expose a walking path.  The pen Light of hope creates the walking path requiring only one small step at a time.  Before long, the pen Light becomes a beaming Light creating a super highway so remarkable it’s difficult to recall the drama that never happened.

Capture the Light, walk alongside Jesus and let Him lead the way out of darkness.

Jesus Light for Life
Recommended Reading on the “mind drama” topic:

Book of Romans – Holy Bible
Battlefield of the Mind – Joyce Meyers
Switch on Your Brain – Dr. Caroline Leaf

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