How to Overcome “I don’t have enough time for God!”

Spiritual Growth • July 18, 2017

It’s so simple to overcome the top two reasons holding back our ultimate life, and it’s hard to comprehend how I could have allowed myself to live in mystery for so long. But, I’m not alone. Today, when I ask, “what is holding you back from living the life that God intended? You know, the one that you can’t possibly dream up because it’s far better than we can imagine.” The reasons that I hear every single time are, “I don’t have enough time for God!” and “If I had the time, I wouldn’t know where to start!” Bingo! Those were my main excuses for a good portion of my life. During my earliest years as a Christian kid, I didn’t know where to start, and when I started reading the Bible, logically I began in Genesis and quickly faded beyond the beginning. After several attempts with multiple Bible versions, I put the books aside and “getting ahead” in life took over. I started running low on time, and I adopted the second reason that most adults share which is not having enough time for God. A vicious cycle that millions are stuck in today and they honestly don’t know how to get off the hamster wheel. It took many years, a demanding career, and some life trials to wake me up to what is most important and thank God, He showed me how to put Him first in my life. In addition to that, He gave me the vision to help others, like me, get equipped with practical information and tools to enable those who think “I don’t have enough time for God.” Learning how to put God first will ultimately release the life He had created for us. You know, the one that you can’t possibly dream up because it’s far better than we can imagine. It’s not possible to release the joy, peace, love, and dedication to God until we spend time getting to know who He is, how He thinks and what He expects from us. Until that inflection point of choosing to live a righteous life, we continue to fumble with a mind and heart established over years of good and bad situations that God wants to use through the sanctification process (becoming Holy). For more on sanctification visit:

So, if you’re stuck in one or both of these two reasons, what can you do?

1. I don’t have enough time for God!

If this is your main reason for not experiencing spiritual growth with Jesus and living a fulfilling life.  Ask yourself what your number one priority is. Not sure? It’s real simple; our number one priority is where we spend most of our time and what we refuse to decrease. For me, this was my career. It took over my life, and I spent almost every waking hour focused on my work. For you, it might be the kids, work, sports, TV, etc. Now imagine diverting some of that time towards reading scripture, prayer, church fellowship, etc. Thankfully, I have gone through this process the hard way, and now I help others avoid the pitfalls and delays. Through our courses, we evaluate life priorities and establish a spiritual growth plan to find wasted time and maximize time with some elementary, yet powerful, tools and techniques that are literally in the palm of your hand every day. You can find time at the office, on the go and literally anywhere.

2. I don’t know where to start with God!

If you have time but don’t know where to start with Bible study, prayer life, church fellowship, etc. you’re not alone. Millions of people share this same challenge. Thankfully, I lived most of my life in this place, and we’ve designed courses that will teach you how to study the Bible traditionally or from your mobile phone. People typically don’t start something new because they do not have a plan and not sure how to develop one. We eliminate that obstacle as well by helping folks design a spiritual growth plan that takes all of the mystery and complexity out of how to build a personal relationship with Jesus while having fun! Once you start spending time in scripture, prayer, worship and speaking with God, He will take over from there!

Once you make time for God and implement your plan, you will think back like me, “How did I go so long believing that I don’t have enough time for God? His life for me is beyond my wildest dreams!”

Want to get started with a spiritual growth plan with time-saving tools, check out “Spiritual Growth for Busy People.” Or, if you want to get your feet wet, simply download our FREE Spiritual Growth Plan Toolkit below.

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