God Delivers the Desires of Your Heart

Christian Missions • February 12, 2018

Returning home on a flight from Rwanda in April, 2014 I faced the decision that the mission was not going to move forward and even though it was the right decision for Rwanda, I felt so disappointed. I couldn’t help but doubt and wonder, “was this whole mission conjured up in my mind trying to be a “do-gooder” or was it inspired by God as I initially thought?” After several months of deliberation with myself, I concluded that the plan to open a technology training center in Kigali, Rwanda was indeed “Teresa’s doing” and not God’s will. Had I sought the Lord for discernment on that question, as I would today, I may have determined a different outcome such as, “the timing is not right in Rwanda.  It will happen in a different location.”

Fast forward to February 2018, and I will find myself on a flight to Port-au-Prince, Haiti to begin the design and implementation of a new technology training center at the Mission of Hope campus. The exact concept deferred in Rwanda will launch in Haiti this year. Without me knowing, God birthed my part in the Haiti mission in 2009 when we returned from our first trip to Rwanda and I met John Leffin, a fellow Half-timer.  We spoke over the phone for about 30 minutes and he shared his work and passion for the people in Haiti. My next encounter with John appeared nine years later prompted by a heart tug in my church to visit Haiti with no idea why. Ironically, I learned from John that Mission of Hope just started building a technical school and a technology training center was part of their plan, and perhaps I could help. God has been weaving the connections, knowledge, and partnerships for this mission, a desire of my heart and others, for almost ten years. I’m in awe of how He orchestrates the timing to accomplish His perfect plan.

“Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” – Psalm 37:4

The point of this story is not to share my mission works. The message in my testimony is multifaceted and worthy of God’s glory. I believe that our ideas and desires conceived for the genuine benefit of others are God’s assignments. I think that He implants these endeavors as part of our unique purpose and life plan. When we surrender ourselves to God’s will embracing desires to bless others and not for personal gain but for His glory, God delivers on His promises.

Once the Haiti initiative became a reality, I realized that the desires to serve others are indeed God’s assignments. I eliminated the uncertainties that concepts to help others could be man-made illusions by “do-gooders.” It makes me wonder how many other assignments from God are going unfulfilled or even ignored because we don’t have every detail mapped out with answers to every unknown. I left Rwanda believing that this dream was dead when the dream was alive in Haiti. My faith is much stronger today and my patience to wait on the Lord’s timing is increasing.

My encouragement to myself and others is to trust God with the desire He’s placed in your heart to help others.  Follow through on the desires of your heart that align with God’s purpose even when it doesn’t make sense.  Have faith that the timing and resources will be provided according to His plan.  Perhaps you’ve always wanted to volunteer at a charity, start a ministry or travel to a developing nation and offer your gifts and talents. I believe that we receive daily assignments that we inappropriately label as “small stuff” like smiles, hugs, giving to people in need or helping a friend in trouble. Every assignment matters in the Kingdom of Heaven regardless of our earthly labels. What are the desires of your heart that bring glory to God that you might be doubting today? Go after them! With God beside you, He will deliver.

“You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.”
– John 15:16

For more information about Mission of Hope, Haiti, visit: mohhaiti.org

Technical School Project Overview https://mohhaiti.org/assets/uploads/2017/06/MOH_Tech_School_Overview_2.pdf

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