God is with us; He is our leader

Spiritual Growth • August 25, 2017

Looking in the rear view mirror, a reflection of the week where God stepped in as the leader.

“God is with us; he is our leader.” – 2 Chronicles 13:12

How true of that statement! Through the highs and lows of doubt to determination, God always shows up and delivers on His promises and this past week was not an exception.

How? You ask…

Preparation – God is with us preparing the people, places, and things that we need well in advance. People that I met five years ago became advocates for my new business this week. Going out of their way to support, encourage and introduce my companies to people that can benefit from my services. Have faith that He has prepared the way, and He is working for you just the same. Stay alert and take action.

Courage – what might appear to be a risk is typically the necessary activity that propels us forward. With a prompting from God, I reluctantly made a call to an associate to request a training room for an event to launch my business. This one act of obedience has turned into limitless opportunities. I’m not bragging on me; I’m boasting on God to express how big His dreams are for us. If we take those perceived risks, they return great rewards. He is a faithful and practical God. He wants to bless us in every area of our lives.

Generosity – the morning that God showed up through generosity, I prayed for help. Knowing that my new companies are God’s purpose for my life, I humbled myself to Him and prayed for His blessing. We support a local non-profit, YearUp. I LOVE this organization because their mission is giving opportunities that equip and place at-risk young adults with job skills and IT internships. YearUp is a hand-up that changes lives. After morning time with God, I felt prompted to give ten YearUp students free admission to my next event. Immediately following my notification to YearUp about my offer, nine new people signed up for the event and by the end of the day, ten people.

Time – My prayer to God every day is to guide me to the people and places where He wants me to be. With so many choices to spend our time, I find this to be a daily challenge. Knowing that He will use me as His vessel regardless of who and where I interact, I try to be my best version for Him. Of course, I often fail, and I repent. I signed up for a networking function, and this is not my favorite activity – it’s work for me. But, I’ve learned that I must show up for people who are willing to show up for me. So I went but not with a joyful heart. It turned out to be a fantastic evening and incredibly impactful for me both personally and professionally. I left there knowing without a doubt; God had His hand on this decision.

“God is with us; he is our leader.” – 2 Chronicles 13:12

If we let Him lead! How has God led you this week? What will you do differently next week to empower Him to be your leader?

Love & joy!


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