God Provides and Uses our Work

Spiritual Growth • October 20, 2011

Rwanda continues to remain on my mind and within my heart.  Most recently the concept of establishing an IT network and learning platform for rural schools in Rwanda seems to be taking on a life of its own.  Working among many world-class technology partners and leaders creates an opportunity for me to bring those groups together to share ideas on how we might be able to impact the learning and computing capabilities for disadvantaged schools in Rwanda and throughout the world.  Creating an equal opportunity educational environment is critical to the growth of a nation which is on the rise, not only rebuilding its economic infrastructure, but advancing towards a thriving economic leader in Africa.  Technology (ICT) in Rwanda is a pillar within the overall strategy. If we can help create something that might have an impact then why wouldn’t we do that?

I think the greatest learning opportunity for me so far is to recognize the way that God moves and guides our steps towards his divine plan in all aspects of our lives, not just church, volunteer work and family but our work life as well.  Our work can be such a big component in our lives so it makes sense for Him to steer us in directions that can best serve our needs but ultimately His needs for the world.  I find it impossible to separate  my work from my walk with God.  In fact, if we are truly walking with Him, we wouldn’t even consider it.  I want to encourage others to find God in their work.  It comes in so many forms and opportunities but if we step out of the minutia of work and what we gain or even contribute, the opportunities are there waiting on us to respond.  It’s really not about us and when we make the choice to simply serve God at work instead of ourselves, the results tend to be much greater than if we focus on our own gain from it all.  It’s so subtle that it takes time to establish this mode of operation. When we serve God first above all else, we naturally do our best because that is what He expects from us.  When we remove the selfish aspect something remarkable happens.  God steps in to replace the “self” and everything becomes easier and our best shines.  It doesn’t mean that everything is perfect or we no longer have issues to face and resolve.  However; when those issues do arise, we handle them the way God intended – with grace, compassion and love.  You will find a peace and the freedom in working at a higher level of capacity achieving the the ability to take on more with less stress.  It truly works – just try it!

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