It’s time to reboot

Spiritual Growth • October 12, 2011

Here we are, October 2011 and I ask myself, what happened to the time?  Since my readership is so tiny most of you know what I’ve been doing over the last 1.5 years – basically buried in the corporate world trying to rebuild an IT organization.  So far so good – but that’s not what I intended to talk about today.

The Lord’s journey never stops amazing me and I’m more in awe than any point in my life.  Continuous surrender seems to be the requirement for me to stay on track with His way.  Every time I surrender it is a tremendous blessing and something that should be shared.   We tend to believe that once we fall we have to start over and I’ve learned that we just need to reboot.  When our computer freezes up and doesn’t behave as it should, we simply reboot and it starts running again just fine regaining the memory and the data but enabling a realignment of its mechanisms.  Rarely do we see an actual crash and even then it can recover, it just takes a little longer.  Humans are the same.  If we could adopt the mindset of rebooting, we would be better servants.  We would try harder to reboot less often but also allow ourselves permission to make mistakes because we just do.  Herein lies the gift of grace.

So I encourage everyone to simply reboot and get on with it and the more we do that the less time we waste dwelling on our shortcomings which keeps us separate from the Lord.  At the same time taking a few moments to recognize the error in our ways and try not to make the same mistake in the future – striving for righteousness always.

I will share a personal example;  I had a common life experience that raised a deeply rooted fear within me.  The Lord lead me to a quiet place immediately following this event and He gave me a whisper in my heart saying, “you don’t trust me”.  I thought, “really? – could that be?”   Wow!  I didn’t realize.  I wanted to and if you would have asked me I would have believed that I did but the TRUTH was that I didn’t trust 100%.  Then I realized that this was evident in the event that just took place and among all of my relationships – my marriage, family and my colleagues.  Please realize that this was very subtle and most would never know that I had this inability to let go of things and let people take care of their part – not trusting in their abilities.  Immediately it all made sense to me and I realized that the health of our relationships is a direct reflection of the health of our relationship to God.  My life changed immediately and my relationships the following day were better, stronger and more harmonious. I thought they were pretty darn good prior to that day I received the whisper but I had no idea that deciding to trust God 100% would be so radical in my internal heart and mind. It is a clear example that God wants to clean out every cobweb and crevice to be sure that we have a clean and pure heart to serve.  I am confident that if I stay alert and aware, He will continue to surface my shortcomings to acknowledge but not dwell.  To reboot the system and strive for righteousness again – it’s a working process and a joyous one.

He continues to lead this journey which is always first and foremost to simply serve Him and love Him in all that we do. Focusing on that will activate His will and plan for our life which is there for us to seize and put into action.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”  Proverbs 3:5-6

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