Manzi’s Dream Counsel

Christian Missions • January 17, 2010

A week ago, Keith and I were speaking to Manzi Kevis on Skype.  We typically spend about 2 hours on Saturdays meeting with Manzi in Rwanda and discussing his future dreams of going to college and investigating options with him and doing some online research together.  It is such an immense joy to serve God by helping Manzi and at the same time we are abundantly blessed by Manzi’s words, insights and wisdom.  This divine connection is truly a mutual gift.

On this particular meeting, Manzi shared a dream with us that he had early in the morning around 4:00 am.  He described being in a meeting with what he referred to as “his counselors”.  He said that Keith was the Chairman of the counsel and he was teaching him from the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  As he shared this message with us my mouth dropped to the floor in utter astonishment.  This is the same book that Keith read when he was eighteen years old that changed the way he thought about life and how to achieve his dreams.  This is by far the most influential book in Keith’s life.  We have never shared this with Manzi and we told him about this miraculous coincidence. He said that he borrowed this book from a friend and read it. This book has had the same profound impact on Manzi’s thinking as it did for Keith.  We know that this was yet another one of God’s confirmations for all of us to reconfirm the importance of our relationship.  We all believe without a doubt that God sent us to Rwanda to meet Manzi.  We know that God wants us to do something of great importance together and this we know by walking in God’s will instead of our own.  We have learned to never underestimate the power of God and trusting in him to work with someone half way around the world that we met for 10 min. during a trip to Rwanda. We know that Manzi is in our hearts and our lives for eternity – what an incredible privilege to know this and it empowers us to just “go on” as Manzi would say and do it!  Do what God has placed in each of our hearts and as a collective mission to serve His plan, not ours.

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