Personal Mission Statement

Spiritual Growth • July 9, 2009

Have you ever considered writing your own personal mission statement?  Businesses spend a lot of time and money creating and refining their company mission statement.  It serves as their vision, a road map to keep the company activities and its employees on a common goal.  Businesses that take this seriously will have cultural components or values tied into their mission statement so the culture comes to life through its mission statement.

A personal mission statement is very much the same idea.  It provides a vision and a goal to keep your self on the path that you have laid out according to your mission.  You don’t have to be a business expert to take on this exercise.  It should be fun, exciting and energizing to think about who you are and what you wish to accomplish, personally.

I started this for myself about three years ago and when I first developed one it was three sentences covering various aspects of my life at the time.  Over the years, I refined it through a couple of iterations and finally ended up with one that is very simple yet covers every experience, accomplishment, etc. that I can ever imagine. Are you ready?

To serve and love God.

This means that I am available  anytime to be anywhere doing whatever He wants me to do.  With that, I know that He will request me to use my skills, strengths, talents and treasure that He has afforded to me over the years.  It’s an incredible feeling knowing that if I carry through on my mission statement I will be doing exactly what I am intended to do.

Try it out…let me know what you can create for your own mission statement! 🙂

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