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Purpose of Life • July 5, 2009

How appropriate that I begin the chronicle of my second half  journey on Sunday, the Lord’s day!  I’ve been putting this off for two years but the prompting from God continues…so here it is.  The second half journey blog will provide loving words of encouragement for anyone out there who is thinking about or embarking on a life led by God instead of  purely by their own desires.  Those who are stuck in a life of heartache, misery or just mundane daily routines who long for something more might find the nudge or guidance to help them move towards a life of significance.  Simply put, the intention is to share my own life experiences from my first half that led me to my new second half  journey which I am just beginning.

The second half begins at a cross road when one realizes that their life is starving for significance even if they’ve achieved their definition of “worldly” success.  Success comes in so many packages and its unique to each of us.  The journey begins when we awaken to that yearning in our gut to give to something so much bigger than ourselves, our loved ones or our accomplishments.  If we open up our heart and ask God to come in He will bless us beyond our wildest imagination.  Come along with me as I begin my own second half  journey.  Many times already I am terrified, doubtful and discouraged but I am faithful and confident in the love of God and that is all that I need.  That is all that any of us need.

Those who might care – do any of these describe you?

  • A person seeking more meaning in their life
  • A person feeling lost but wants to find their purpose
  • A person who needs a voice of comfort to share similar experiences from a life without meaning
  • A person looking for some guidance – a road map to lead them towards a life of significance
  • A person who is restless – they don’t understand why they are not “happy” – they have everything!
  • A person who knows what God wants them to do but is too afraid to take the first step

I’m not selling anything here,  I’m just a simple person who has lead a simple life but God has stepped in and offered extraordinary opportunities if I am willing to accept.  I’ve seen what God can do when we step back and let Him in.  He has already exceeded my own expectations and only through Him would I be willing and ready for the second half journey of my lifetime.  God is prompting me to share this wisdom and guidance with the world so I promise to be open, honest and direct about my journey…my joys, fears, and challenges as I choose God’s path over my own.  Please comment or write to me – I don’t pretend to have all of the answers I am just here to humbly share and listen.

In HIS hands,

~ Teresa D.

“You can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” – Napoleon Hill

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