“Starting Over” by Andy Stanley

Spiritual Growth • December 30, 2015

Recently, I stumbled upon a series by Pastor Andy Stanley that was so remarkable, I had to share it here.  This is a teaching that every adult human being should see, in my humble opinion.

All of us have seasons in life that involve starting over in some capacity. This unique series speaks to the life trials and the lessons that we sometimes identify but don’t necessarily apply that will create lasting change to avoid repeat experiences.

One of the most profound revelations that I gained from this 4 part series dealt with how we leverage our experiences, or not.  I learned that just because we have a life experience doesn’t automatically mean that we apply the lessons learned going into new experiences and by not doing so, we typically repeat the same experience with new people or new situation – same behavior. Our life and major life experiences require time to evaluate, reflect and truly examine our part in the situation.  It requires a strong look in the mirror to get real with ourselves and decide to take ownership of our responsibility in the experience.  This is the exercise that creates lasting changes for the better.

Please watch all 4 episodes to gain the greatest impact as they build upon each other.  I’m taking time to go back and examine some experiences in my own life. If I have courage to OWN IT, I accept the power to change my part going forward. 


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