Step Out!

Purpose of Life • October 7, 2009

The best advice that I could ever give somone (if they should ever ask 😉 is to STEP OUT!  Step out of your comfort zone and just try it…regardless of how challenging or crazy it might seem.  I’m grateful to my husband who encouraged me to go out and get a job in the Internet marketing field (dating back 2000).  His encouragement empowered me to believe that I could do that with no prior knowledge or experience.  He said “you like it, why not go out and find a job doing what you like?”  So I did. And that little amount of encouragement sent me on a career path that I could have never dreamed up for myself.  So I’m encouraging anyone who might stumble upon this blog to STEP OUT!  It’s really not that big of deal in the scheme of it all.  If you love it – do it!  The rest will fall into place and it might just radically change your life’s course…like it did mine.

God has given us incredible talents, strengths and abilities that we may not have discovered and without the right opportunity to excercise those gifts we may miss out on understanding our full potential.  If we’re not challenged, we are  not fully alive!

If an oak tree had a human brain, it would only grow 5 feet tall.

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