7 Steps to Stop Digital Distractions Crushing Our Purpose

Spiritual Growth • June 29, 2021

Concerned about another software company ripping me off, I awake at 4:17am. I prefer to sleep, but make my way to the coffee machine and into my office to check on a refund. No such luck – no refund.

The tension is rising. The root cause is not the money or principle, it’s the time and energy diverted away from doing God’s meaningful work. I evaluate my progress over the last year and acknowledge many tasks completed and lots of splendid work with websites, social media, and course creation. What about impact and helping God’s Kingdom expand? I see minor progress in what matters. I’ve helped a few and I understand it’s not a numbers game. However, when I get real about my efforts, time, and impact, I must be honest about the results.

Funny thing is, teaching others how to re-prioritize their life to ensure God is first is my expertise. Yet, here I sit with life focused too much on digital distractions robbing me of fulfilling God’s calling. Guess what, I am human, just like you. The good news is that I have the tools to course correct this behavior.

God is forever faithful. He cares so much He waits for us to see the error in our ways. Aligned with God, our spirit will not allow the out-of-balance activities to rule us for long. I feel convicted today, and therefore, my priorities change this instant. It’s that simple. Putting God first eliminates any confusion about which activities are the highest priority and defines the actions necessary to place the Lord back in the #1 pole position.

Digital distractions no longer rule my world, and here’s how I fix it:

1) Back to basics. God’s calling is to write and speak about Him and help other Christians seeking to discover and activate their purpose. I’m overcomplicating the call.

2) Say NO to distractions that do not serve God’s mission. We say NO to say YES to our true priorities.

3) Audit my time. Admin tasks, tweaking designs or troubleshooting software monopolize my day. This activity stops today and I move forward with what I have.

4) More time with God. God is the answer to overwhelm and lacking focus. Prayer and Bible reading is the anecdote to these harmful conditions.

5) Re-organize. Use the 24/7 Purpose® planner consistently. Daily planning is key to achieving success with any endeavor, including our missions with God. Defining goals and ensuring a focus on gratitude are vital to joyful living and alignment with the Lord.

6) Heighten a focus on others. Jesus said to love others as yourself. In fact, it is His second greatest command according to Mark 12:28-31. I will reach out to those struggling and offer encouragement as a daily assignment.

7) Enable a fruitful focus. Determine if the activity serves me or others? If the answer is me, I shift to an activity that brings glory to God. Of course, we must ensure self love and serving others should be motivated through love and balance. If life feels out-of-balance, it indicates that God is not in control.

As followers of Christ, we are here to serve God and bring Him glory. Sending scathing emails to a software company at 4am and striving to ensure justice over minor things will not bring glory to God. Of course, practical activities have a purpose but they must not consume our attention away from God’s work. The Lord will handle these issues if we relinquish control.

What is consuming your time? Is the activity bringing glory to God and serving others, or do you find yourself in a similar situation as I described before writing this blog?

If so, hope and help are available. I’m here to serve and I invite you to reach out if you’re looking for someone to help you sort it out or just listen.

God Bless you,
– Teresa

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