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Spiritual Growth • December 27, 2023

Hi there and welcome to Teresa’s Takes. This is the space where I answer your questions about living a practical Christian lifestyle. Let’s dive into today’s topics, inspired by questions from our community.

Expressing Faith at Work: A Guide for the Modern Christian

Question from Manuel: How can I share my faith at work without being overtly religious?

Teresa’s Take: In today’s workplace, openly religious activities like prayer groups might not be welcome. But don’t worry, Manuel. The key is to live your faith through your actions. How do you treat your coworkers? Do you show compassion, love, and empathy? These are the qualities Jesus exemplified. Consider small acts of kindness, like bringing someone their favorite drink, or being a supportive listener during tough times. Remember, it’s about being mindful of your behavior and how it reflects your faith.

Making Time for Bible Study in a Busy World

Question from Tricia: How can I find time to study the Bible with a full schedule?

Teresa’s Take: Tricia, like many believers, you might struggle to find time for Bible study. I’ve come up with 27 ideas to help you discover hidden moments in your day. For example, use a Bible app while getting ready in the morning or during your commute. These small adjustments can make a big difference in deepening your knowledge and connection with God’s word. For all 27 tips, check out my free eBook linked below.

Practical Tips for Integrating Christian Living into Daily Life

  1. Use Technology: Bible apps like YouVersion or Blue Letter Bible are great tools. Listen to audio versions while doing daily tasks.
  2. Opportunistic Study: Waiting in line or at the doctor’s? Pull out your Bible app and read a few verses.
  3. Prioritize Spirituality: Sometimes, it means turning off the radio or skipping a phone call to make room for scripture in your day.

Conclusion: Your Journey Towards Mindful Christian Living

Living a practical Christian life isn’t just about ‘doing’ – it’s about ‘being’. It’s how we embody the teachings of Christ in our everyday actions and choices. I hope these insights help you on your journey. Share your thoughts in the comments and subscribe for more weekly tips and freebies. See you in the next post!

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