So, What’s the Problem? She asked…

Spiritual Growth • May 22, 2018

God help me! Not because I’m down and out or hitting rock bottom. Not because I don’t have an abundance to live a good life. Not because I don’t have people who love and support me.

So what’s the problem?

That’s the exact question that my dear Mentor Diane Hale used to ask me when I get to this state of mind. The state of mind that isn’t logical compared to the reality of our life. The state of mind that shifts into panic mode with absolutely no rational reason. It’s just unfocused and overloaded with problems that don’t really exist.  Mark Twain said, “I’ve suffered many dramas in my life, most of which never occurred.”

Diane went home to be with the Lord last week, and instead of allowing myself to grieve for this enormous loss in our world and certainly in my heart, I chose the superficial route of putting on the cheerful face because that’s the appropriate thing to do. I just realized, at this very moment, that I have no one to look me in the eyes the way that she did and say in her beautiful sweet but firm British Georgian accent, “Teresa, so what’s the problem?” Diane was the only person that could gently hold me accountable to be better than my pity party. She so patiently listened to my ramblings when my mind was racing out of focus in so many directions. Diane helped me unravel the conjured up emotions about problems that didn’t exist except in my own mind. She carried the torch for Jesus to be my sounding board until I was weaned from her and into the sanctity of the Lord himself. She knew how to shape and mold the process to connect us to Him without us realizing what she was doing.

So, the problem is this. I miss my beloved mentor. I am so grateful that God connected us in this life. I would not have the relationship with Jesus that I have today without Diane Hale. Thanks to her, He is the one that I go to today as my mind is racing for no valid reason. He’s equipped me with all that I need to grow and flourish as His representative.  “So, what’s the problem?” I can hear her saying. “Jesus is the answer so lean on Him.”

Today, I needed to STOP and grieve the loss of a very dear person, mentor, and friend who inspired and altered thousands of people all over the world to be better with eyes fixed on the Lord. My problem will ease but never vanish completely and the hole in my heart will heal from the love of Christ and the knowing that she is dancing with Jesus today.

Diane Hale – My Mentor – Never to be Forgotten

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