Careful intentions prevent careless consequences

Spiritual Growth • April 19, 2010

Careful intention is a winning world of hosts.  It encapsulates our inner views and wonders about ourselves and where we are headed.  Preparations are a critical factor in this life mission of most high consequences and should not be entered into an agreement with lightheartedness.  If you’ve ever wondered about your sanctity, it would behoove you to carry a vessel of sacramental justifications previously mentioned on the mount [see Mathew 5].  Consequences are the very life blood of our deliverance and it’s there for the pleasure of the righteous.  Those who stop on the mount and still do not hear the voice of God will soon perish.  Constant wishes of the void are not on a road of merriment but actually on a destructive path.

Under the stars, we find a great deal of pleasure that is bestowed upon all of us in this natural form.  I believe that unanswered gifts are still there for the taking and if we will just follow His lead, we could have the vast majority of our dreams.

Parliament will never know the true measure of that gift nor their fortitude upon the treasure that has been awarded to the hands of deceit.

Careful intentions prevent careless consequences…

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