Peace is controlling our circumstances? Not likely…

Spiritual Growth • April 12, 2010

I heard a wonderful sermon today discussing one of our most common weaknesses as human beings. The explanation was that we believe that we can find peace by controlling our circumstances. Meaning, we think that if we change our circumstances that are not so good in our lives, we will find peace. “How interesting,” I thought and oh so true. So many times I convinced myself that  if I could just change my job, my house, my friends or the city where I live, I could find peace. Surprisingly, I’ve changed jobs over the years, moved to another city and the house and I thought that I gained some short-term peace. As time went on I found myself feeling frustrated with the same types of issues but with different scenery. The words today reconfirmed for me that the way to internal peace is not circumstantial at all. Surrendering to ourselves and allowing His peace to evolve is the only way to achieve everlasting peace in this life. Embracing that is the greatest gift and it allows us to be anywhere, with anyone and do anything and feel peaceful. Easily understood but not always easy for us to apply since we have developed a drive to control our situations.  I forget sometimes too but it’s so nice to have these reminders to keep us in check and aligned in His will, instead of our own.

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