Delight in the Lord…

Spiritual Growth • November 29, 2010

Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.  Psalm 37:3-5

Sure – sounds great but what does that really mean?  How does one explain the purest pleasure of just wanting to delight in the Lord?  I think when we understand how everything began and begins with Him in us, we can start to grasp what it means.  When we discover the unique thumbprints that He placed on us and we have tapped into those special gifts, talents and unique qualities, we begin to execute the activities that release those gifts.  When we release those unique gifts, we find ourselves in a lovely momentum throughout our days.  Whatever we do, we do it with delight because it’s all for him.  You might ask, how can reading a contract for work be delighting ourselves in Him and be for Him?  (I used that one because it’s not one of my favorite activities at work.)  The simple answer is because He provided the work and He provided the gifts within me that enable me to read a contract and provide important feedback for the company that I work for.  And throughout the day, I must be His witness and be an integral leader among my colleagues.  It’s all for His glory.  When we delight in Him, our lives become a blessing of amazing gratitude and service instead of obligation and dread.  When we delight in the Lord, our days are filled with little and big opportunities to share compassion, love, and encouragement to so many that come into our path.  He is so pleased when we delight in Him and the many moments that are there for us to express our love for Him.

Removing our selfish desires, self accomplishments and self-centered thoughts can release the bondage that holds us back from receiving His best for us.  I’ve lived the life of dread and now I live a life of delight – there is no comparison and even contracts are a joy – it’s all for Him!

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