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Purpose of Life • May 2, 2010

I had a wise lady tell me years ago that our mission here on earth is simply to serve and love God – that’s it and it’s the same for everyone.  Four very short but extremely powerful words.  Too simplistic and vague for most of us to grasp.  We want details, instructions, how-to manuals and precise direction.  Our “worldy” ways of living have created complexities in our lives that I don’t think even we can grasp – we just do it.  We’ve allowed ourselves to become so distracted and ‘busy” as a nation that it keeps us separated from God and extremely difficult to find His will for us.

Allow me to digress a moment; this is not to imply that everyone in our nation is separated but I’m usually prompted to speak to those who are and especially those who do not realize that they are.  We, as a nation, have a great deal to be thankful and we have so many Godly people who are doing His great work on a daily basis.  For those, we can attempt to emulate and learn from them. The goal here is to offer hope and a starting point to those who are not sure if they are indeed serving God and feel this separation that I speak about.  Just ask yourself, “Do I feel detached from God?”, “Am I living the life that He intended for me?”  Depending on the answers, you will know whether you need further direction.  I want to emphasize that the best source for finding these answers is in the Word of God.  This is where He reveals to us His divine will for our lives.  If I had to choose from all my mistakes when I lost my way at age 16, it would be that I didn’t open the Bible and read His words.  I allowed my life to be guided by the worldly distractions instead. I didn’t take the time to seek counsel from believers in Christ when I didn’t understand His word and even when believers entered my path to share their wisdom, I didn’t listen.  If you are reading this and you are a believer on a Godly path, I pray that you will comment and share your encouragement to unbelievers here – our stories of hope need to be shared to witness for the lost.  We know the difference – we can make a difference.

Okay, back on “discovering the missing.”  The irony is that we can have all of the guidance and direction that we need to understand the “how” and “when” to serve if we will trust Him.  This has been one of the biggest challenges for me over the last three years and to be honest, I still struggle with this.  My “worldly” living is so embedded in me, that I can so easily slip back into that mode.  I continually strengthen my faith and trust that the Lord is guiding me and not only now on this journey but that He came to me to create the awareness of my own separation and that I undoubtedly needed to acknowledge Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  Before doing that completely, I was lost but I was searching.  The searching part is so important. That is the key to opening the doorway for the acceptance of Jesus to come into our heart completely and empower the Holy Spirit to fill that void that is so empty.

The “how” is simple which makes it so difficult for us.  Just drop to your knees and ask the Lord Jesus to come into your heart and vow to make Him your Lord and Savior.  When you do this with complete surrender and acceptance, your life will become His instead of your own and it will be the best life that you cannot imagine.  Be joyful for this and know that you are in the greatest hands in the universe.

God Bless you!

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