Do You Have a Troubled Heart?

Spiritual Growth • May 9, 2016

Life happens to all of us and at some point people in masses feel the tension and the burdens that lay heavy on their hearts. So many assume that it has to stay that way or simply don’t have a clue about how to resolve the afflictions.  The result is a world full of wounded souls with troubled hearts so fragile that love cannot be fully expressed or awakened. The years go by and the heart grows a thinker shell around it just to make it through another day without a melt down that is looming around the corner.

The human brain has an extraordinary capacity to establish coping mechanisms to avoid emotional pain and heavy life burdens.  Some are aware of their coping mechanisms and activate them on demand when their emotional hurt is triggered.  Others function in an unconscious state by convincing themselves and everyone around them that life is just fine. Typically, they are not fully conscious of this belief system but as long as everyone else thinks that they have it all together and their life is good, they too, remain convinced and will continue to mask the pain that desperately needs a tender touch of healing.

If your heart is troubled, you know it. It’s an inescapable feeling that impacts sustainable joy and zest for life. I’m not talking about a bad day or a bad mood from time to time. We all have those and we always will. I’m referring to that deep gut retching feeling that perks up and reminds us that we’re not really okay even when we pretend to be.  There is a burden or a pain in your life that needs to be overcome to feel the true peace and joy that we were meant to obtain on earth.  I’m speaking to those who are masters at creating activities that keep you so busy that you avoid the sorrow and the reminders that you need to confront the pain to feel unspeakable joy.

If this resonates with you, what can you do and why does it matter?  The first thing is to acknowledge that you have a troubled heart.  Even if you don’t fully understand why it’s troubled, just acknowledge the pain.  The acknowledgement is important to validate that you are in need of healing and stop the cycles of emotional masking.  Many struggle with this because they believe it shows weakness and it’s quite the contrary. Allowing the full level of pain to be revealed is not a welcome proposition due to the fear of not being able to handle it. It takes real courage to confront pain and disrupt the cycles of coping patterns. The disruption is necessary to activate the healing process.

The next step is to pray out to Jesus and ask for His love and strength to wash over you.  Ask Him to send you the right passages, messengers and tools that are part of your personal healing process. Read the book of Romans to enable Him to reveal the knowledge that will activate the renewal of your mind and heal the troubled heart.  He seeks for us a personal relationship with Him that aligns with biblical Truth. The knowledge of Truth ignites His compassionate love through the pages for the purpose of living in a state of pure joy and ultimately to share that love and joy with others.

So why does this matter?  It matters because God created all of us with a specific plan to carry out while we are on the earth for such a short time. This plan is designed to leverage our talents and strengths that he wired uniquely within us to fulfill our passions in life and ultimately glorify God.  He will use us exactly where we are and those that we meet to carry out the plan. The troubled heart must be healed to fully release His promise and gifts upon our life.  He wants to reveal His earthly purpose for you and He wants to bless you with a life so rich with His love and personal guidance.

Have courage and ask for this blessing to be revealed.  With God, there is no fear in this life.

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