The Pathway to Inner Peace

Spiritual Growth • May 2, 2016

I hear people often say “I need to find inner peace”. The truth that I hear in that statement is that they are really searching for an external “answer” that will tell us how to acquire inner peace but it isn’t something that we acquire or strive for because that would imply that the gift is not already there. Inner peace is what we release within us through faith. When we put undeniable faith in Lord Jesus and not in anything else we gain inner peace because He rescues us from ourselves – the worldly self. The worldly self is selfish and self-centered and will not recognize inner peace until we die to self-focused ways. Until we surrender and allow the holy spirit to take control of our life, we will wrestle in the misery of our own self-direction. The best way for me to share this testimony is by living a life of complete faith and in His service just as Jesus did when He came here to teach us God’s ways. One of the greatest gifts of being a believer is the desire to share this miracle with others – why wouldn’t we want this for everyone? God sends His witnesses to all of us and once I followed His lead and not mine, those witnesses appeared to touch my life. Naturally I wanted what they had – total inner peace and a love for serving God.

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