God, Give Me Wisdom

Spiritual Growth • August 17, 2016

So many mornings I pray for guidance, answers, and direction. Then I’m reminded that I simply pray for wisdom.  His wisdom is all that we need to pursue the character of God within us.  We make it complicated and sorrowful sometimes, and it weakens our ability to see the Light right there before us guiding and sheltering through the storms of chaos.

Surely we see the coming of the Lord upon us in the distant future. Surely He will come for us and see His Glory stretched out across a land of mercy.  Purely are the flocks that follow in His presence and righteousness yearning to see the distant shelter that He built for us to dwell and occupy His space of peaceful surrender.  The hesitation of surrender is not a powerful place, and He knows that we struggle with this.  He asked us to be brave upon our soul to carry out the mission in His glory and seek not into a forsaken land but become the privileged few to carry on the calling.

Pride of life and selfish reasoning keep us apart from you, oh God.  We don’t know what we are doing until the revelation reveals it, and at that moment, we change.  No turning back on your mission and sanctification becomes a fresh renewal like morning dew. Fear not, you say, and be equipped for battle, the battle of truth.  Obey, you say, and be the fore bearers of righteousness and still waters. Salvation is a gift not a justification of surrender, and we construe your promises in emissary ways.  We try our best with the knowledge acquired, but it’s wisdom that we seek to deepen our understanding of who you are. Intellects craved your missionary ways but kept apart from total surrender that lifts the heart and soul to new beginnings.  Complacency takes hold of those who prosper only on the salvation and not your mission. Give us fresh anointing, dear God, to serve and flourish in your name.  Give us wisdom and understanding to pursue the gifts of daily callings to serve you just where we are.

Keep us in your bridegroom as a Father to us all and lift our hearts to the moon and back for it’s you, Lord Jesus, that we mourn. We thank you for releasing the Holy Spirit and welcome the day when we see your face shining down upon us with overwhelming grace.

Carry us through your reckoning and deliver us to the peace and presence of our God.  Take center stage to see the whole picture of our planet and season of shame.  Bless our nation with fruitful offerings and calm our destinations with your still waters.  Prepare us, oh God for the promise land that will take away our pain.  We seek to know you, God so that we can love and serve you by honoring your Great Commission.  Wire us with a bodacious desire to know and serve you more fully, dear Father.

Give me wisdom, God, for I know who you are and I know what I do. I want to know you more deeply, and I thank you in advance for answering my call for wisdom.

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