God’s Calling? Mystery Revealed

Spiritual Growth • August 1, 2016

I’ve been grappling with the words to express what I’ve learned about the topic of finding our calling and our purpose in this life. I spent many years searching for it out there in far off lands, non-profit organizations and the like.  What God revealed to me spending 40 days of service and solitude in Rwanda was that we are to follow Jesus and put Him first in our lives – that is our true calling.  Not just on Sunday, at church or other Holy place but home, work and play. Our actions matter 24×7 – 365 days each year. Will He call us to provide individual acts of kindness, do appropriate actions and change course, probably?  And perhaps, He will only ask us to follow Jesus exactly where we are. Ideally, we are all called to follow Jesus and to make disciples of all nations.  Somewhere along the way, “the calling” got misconstrued into a vocation or particular act of service – separate from our routine life. I love the Lord because if we are diligent in seeking Him, He ALWAYS provides the answer.  This morning as I’m reading my Bible app and looking for a new study plan, I am drawn to begin a program called “The Discovery: Exploring God’s Call On Your Life.”  The introductory devotional to the study plan explains very well what I have been trying to put into words so I will share it here…

“The concept of calling is a big one.  You feel drawn by God to something more, something special, but what?

If you’ve told anyone what you’re thinking, they’ve probably already bombarded you with questions that make you feel like you should have all the answers. Not true!

The problem is, most of the questions that well-meaning people ask, begin with…

  • What area of ministry are you going?
  • What will your first action contain?
  • What position are you considering?
  • What title will you hold?
  • What education will you pursue? 

The better question for those who feel called is WHO? And the answer is Jesus Christ!  You are not called to a position, a place, a livelihood, a category, or a title. You are called to Jesus!  And guess what. You don’t have to have all the answers because He does!”

The study plan lays out excerpts from the calling stories of several disciples over the course of 4 days – I will share more after I complete the course.  It goes on to say…

“Notice that Jesus doesn’t sit down with any of them and discuss the perks and drawbacks of joining His team, or give them a detailed itinerary of what they’ll be doing for the next few years.  He doesn’t call them to a task or a position, but to Himself with just two simple words, “Follow me.”

“Jesus does the same today, and it’s okay not to have all the answers or be able to explain what’s going on in your heart.  As you follow Him, Jesus will reveal His plans for you, and you can pass the information along to others if you want to.  Until then, tell the question-askers, “My calling is to follow Christ.”

This explanation is why I love the UVersion Bible app and more importantly, my time each day with the Lord – He always shares with us what we need if we will seek Him, and not the world, for answers.

Just follow Jesus.  There aren’t any shortcuts on how.  There is a formula that He provides in the written word of the Gospels.  Those who are sincere about finding a purpose in this life must learn who Jesus is by reading the Word of God and start following His teachings.  Aligned with the counsel of the Holy Spirit, He will fill in the blanks of who, what, when and where.  However, following Jesus has no beginning nor end in life’s activities. We show up for Jesus at home, at work, at Ministry, at play and every minute in between and it’s a happy existence, not the hard work of performance that folks misinterpret.

Take up your cross today with your family, colleagues, friends, neighbors, store clerk, post office worker, gas station staff, produce manager, etc.  You get the picture.  He wants us ALL-in for Him – not one foot in ministry and one foot out at home.  Be the Light – all day, every day.

Carpe’ Diem for Jesus! 🙂

Thanks and deserved credit for the Bible App study plan content in quotes goes to Angela Sanders, the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, and youth ministry group. 

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