God is Joy Not Sorrow

Spiritual Growth • September 3, 2018

God speaks of joy, not sorrow. He knows our pain, but He is not the master of misery. He heals our afflictions not to be steadfast in the quake of suffering. Take up a series of adventurous practices that will harness the joy of the Lord. Be in the moment of tranquility to find His peace among sober festivals.

God knows our transgressions and focuses on the passing of many. Preoccupation with conditions of the heart lead to a manifestation of the same. Stand in the glory of His almighty presence and be lifted to new heights of surrender. Practice your peace in the moment of surrender and see how He carries your voice to a new level of speech.

Precious is the name above all names – Jesus! Be the light in His shining honor and face the day with gladness.

A position is not a place of torment but a cornerstone of promises. Find your spot in the sanctuary of His comfort and solitude soaking in the glory of His divine righteousness.

Prosper on His goodness and careful collection of gifts, and serious appointments of faith and deeds. Prosperity is not an exaggeration of greed but a promise of the Father who is an abundantly giving God.

Pleasure seekers find the ultimate exhilaration in God’s presence. Testimonies are made on the seeking of his majestic beauty found only in His creations. The sun, moon, stars, and mountains are magnificent testimonies of his genuine desire to bless us with His love and adoration.

Pressure is not from the Lord. His ways flow from gentle waters cleansing us from the trials and tribulations of a fallen world. Constant awakenings of His mercy and faith renew a mind filled with tortuous thoughts of heavy burdens. Give the burdens to the One who can carry the load and release the falsehood of worry.

Rejoice today and every day because the Lord is your gatekeeper of peace. Lean on Him for all understanding and righteous ways. Be forever glorified in His undying love for your heart, soul, mind, and body. He is yours, and you are His.

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