Inspirations from the Lord

Spiritual Growth • September 12, 2018

In my morning quiet time with God I pray for wisdom.  Sometimes I receive inspirations from the Lord intended for sharing…

Celebration is a way of life.
Be generous in all things.
Wake up with prosperous ceremonies.
Count the riches of this world and many blessings.
Share faith in a positive way of righteous understanding.
Families unite for a celebration of rightful sharing and to serve the masses a fruit of righteousness.
Be brave on the calling at hand and see how it measures your soul. (See soul sanctification)
Surrender hearts of worry. Tackle the torment with tenacity.
Share the burdens of tomorrow with the righteous. Peace, be still.
Forget the wicked ways of suffering.
Stand tall on my promises.
Send a favored brother or sister to the promise land of sanctity. (being holy)
Deliver the gospel to the most enlightened souls.
Proclamate my wishes and say you will carry me onward.
Be delighted by my existence, not hardened.
I AM forever the King of hosts and all the majesty that you seek.
Sing your deliverance into the abyss.
Forever my wishes are yours in the making of saints.
I know our ways, your heart, and your peace.
The wanting of more is evil and in the trenches of humanity.
Stop the behavior of unjust wishes for conditions of greed.
Hear my voice of reason and right understanding.
Practice my ways in all ways seeking righteousness.
Tell the peacemakers to stay the course and never quit. They are the souls united for a big stand against human activism of turmoil.
My words are the only words that matter in this life.
Learn my words – my ways.
Examine your heart to be circumcised and sanctified.

– God Bless

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