Life can numb our desires – we can redeem them

Spiritual Growth • February 19, 2010

I know that I promised a different topic for this post but something is heavy on my heart tonight so I wish to share that instead.  It’s all about our deepest desires and how its’ so easy to allow “life” to mash those desires down so deep that it takes a life force to bring it back to the surface.  In fact, if we have grown up in a “normal” society like the one we live in today – it’s almost impossible for that not to happen.  Look around at the distractions we have created in the “world” that take us so far away from that deep desire.   I am certainly not excluded from this – I live this life everyday and thankfully I realize now that there is so much more to it.  It’s so easy to be caught up in the minutia of everyday living.  We have our routines, our chores, duties, work, sports, cell phones, shopping, doctors appointments, Facebook, hair cuts, etc, etc, etc.  When do we take time in our day to cultivate that desire that lies dormant from years of mundane living?  Rediscovering that very purpose for which God sent us here in the first place. Doesn’t it shake you to the core to think that we might miss it because we were living in a superficial life?

In the beginning, we are born into an environment and we are taught about what is most important in this life based on the people in that environment.  We learned their habits, their reactions, their beliefs, their disciplines, and their priorities in life.  For good and bad, this is what shapes us as a human being.  And after a few years of being the observer in that environment we become their desires.  If we have the people who can cultivate and stay aware that we also have desires and instill the disciplines to grow them, we will have a chance.  Think about those who do not – they might be beaten down by the self-absorbed lives of those around them – they don’t have a choice in the matter.  The person living the self-absorbed life has no idea what they are creating in themselves and in others but we now have them by the billions.   Where have those true desires gone?  Can we get enough of them back?

As I continue to study the Cognition of Truth, I realize how critical it is to focus on pure thoughts and embed them into our subconscious;  re-writing the impure thoughts, creating positive disciplines and actions.  This is truly a process and one that requires us to dedicate a decent amount of time each day to create pure thoughts.   As we practice retraining our minds we realize that this is a process and the Truth helps us so deeply to focus on His teachings that will show us how to eliminate the separation and bring us back to our forgotten path serving Him.  That service comes in so many different forms and as this habit strengthens we find ourselves being called to serve in the simplest ways.  You start to receive assignments from God out of the blue that you can’t explain but your only job is to carry it out.

An example to share in my life is the support we are giving to Manzi, in Rwanda.  After spending so much time with him and feeling like true parents, I realize the power of our encouragement and having faith in him.  Our assignment is to pour nothing but blessings over him like every parent should.  He might be eighteen but he is still observing our environment and how we see the world.  When he connects with us on Skype, he enters our environment and listens to what is important to us by the words we choose and the actions we take.  And therefore that will become part of who he is as he carries out his true desire.  I’ve never felt so much responsibility and it’s truly humbling.  By keeping the Truth at the center in our conversations allows us to share only pure thoughts.

Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.  – Proverbs 12:18

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