The Father’s Will by Diane Hale

Spiritual Growth • February 19, 2010

God’s timing is brilliant, as usual.  In today’s “Morning Light”, e-newsletter by Diane Hale, I read this enlightening yet practical guidance about tapping into God’s desire within us which I mention a few blog posts back.  Diane is a true disciple of Christ who has dedicated her whole life to His service – so she is the “real deal” folks.  I took Diane’s workshop “Born to Serve” and if you have a chance to participate in one of her workshops, I strongly recommend it.

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The Father’s Will
Diane M. Hale
Feb 19, 2010

”…your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, This is the way; walk in it” [Isaiah 30:21]

Paul wrote…”…the Body is a unit….” And as such no man is an island unto himself. To make decisions based on what ‘one man thinks’ [namely oneself] is unscriptural and dangerous. Even when it carries the banner—thus saith the Lord! The Wisdom that is in Christ alone flows through the ‘body’ and aligns itself with God’s Word, God’s Will, God’s Way and the Whisper of the Holy Spirit.

When questions come the heart must be in a position of ‘yes’ an openness to whatever God’s Will would be—“…yet not as I will, but as you will.” [Matthew 26:39c] If we immediately think we know the answer we may get caught in a spirit of judgment that is perhaps unconscious but full of what we want or what we think others expect of us and not what God desires. We may think our decision a step of faith but we are heading in the wrong direction.

Alignment to God’s Will has an established criterion. 1. The Word of God – what scripture is the Lord ‘highlighting’ 2. What is The Holy Spirit saying to your heart. 3. The wisdom of wise counsel – different perspectives give a more rounded view and often act as confirmation of the Will of God. 4. The circumstances – if something does not line up in the circumstances when everything else does then you have a timing issue, it may be God’s direction but not yet. When all four are in alignment there is the overwhelming peace of God that surpasses knowledge.

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